Easy Care Options:

Pick-Up and Drop-Off – $50 Diagnostic Fee
We’ll coordinate a scheduled pick-up from your home, and bring your laptop or computer back to you. You hardly have to lift a finger. This service also includes a $50 flat-rate diagnostic, which allows us to assess any problems you might be having before doing any work. You will typically have our results in 24-48 hours. Our diagnostic is extensive and thorough. We don’t leave anything out. That way, we start with a clear understanding. After we tell you what we’ve discovered, we will discuss the problem-solving options with you. This way, no costs will be hidden and you will always know what to expect. We are straightforward people, and we like to look out for our clients’ best interests. If we believe you would be better off buying new equipment than fixing the old, we’ll tell you. As a small business, we try to foster healthy relationships of trust with our clients, and we use our expertise to present you with honest and solid advice. Our in-shop repairs typically are completed within 1 week.

On-Location Service – $100 an hour 
We’ll visit your home or office to address concerns and ensure that your computer or computer network is functioning to meet your needs. We will also make sure that your computer or computer network is performing at its best, and will suggest improvements that will speed or ease performance. Your time is valuable, and we won’t waste it.

Remote Support Service – $80 an hour 
This means no struggling with describing complex problems over the phone. Remote Support means any urgent situation can be addressed quickly and cost-effectively. We can be right there with you, fixing problems as they come up, without any fuss. If the need arises we can click and connect to your computer from our office, giving us the ability to quickly assess and solve problems.